Triple Play Analyzer

nsd-globeMonitor and troubleshoot the performance of IPTV, VoD, VoIP and broadband data applications with Triple Play Analyzer — now integrated with PacketPortal™.


The Triple Play Analyzer (J6900A) is a powerful tool that provides a complete monitoring and troubleshooting solution for network equipment manufacturers and commu¬nication service providers who develop, install and troubleshoot voice, data and video applications.

Now integrated the revolutionary JDSU PacketPortal™ solution, TPA can resolve the most complex, costly, and difficult to find network problems — all from a central loca¬tion, The combined solution offers affordable Quality of Experience (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoS) analysis on a massive scale with powerful real-time monitoring and trouble resolution — across any network, anywhere.


  • Reduce OPEX by avoiding unnecessary dispatches and reducing MTTR from days to minutes
  • Greatly improve visibility at the edge by deploying SFProbes throughout the network where visibility is required
  • Enable higher ARPU and Revenue by eliminating premises visits and solving problems faster from a centralized location
  • Centrally view and diagnose subscriber problems – see actual customer video content, network errors, and packet issues that affect QoE/QoS
  • Affordable access on a massive scale  with powerful real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Across almost any network, anywhere – with pervasive on-demand monitoring capability


  • Provide service visibility closer to the customer than ever before
  • Reduce MTTR from days to minutes
  • Eliminate unnecessary technicians field dispatches
  • Affordable access on a massive scale when deployed with JDSU PacketPortal
  • Supports most major interfaces and over 500 unique protocols and decodes

Key Features

  • Analyze QoE of stream quality using Mean Opinion Score (MOS) scores for VoIP and MPEG Video
  • Troubleshoot from the customer view with real-time playback of live IPTV multi¬cast traffic and/or VoD streams with audio
  • Resolve MPEG-2 transport stream issues with comprehensive set of ETSI TR 101 290 metrics
  • Thoroughly analyze Microsoft’s “Mediaroom™ middleware deployment
  • Allows complete RTP packet analysis with RFC 3357 to reveal loss distribution in addition to loss rates
  • Provides insight into IGMP latencies

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