Triple Play Analyzer Software (J6900A-001)

nsd-globeTriple Play Analyzer (TPA) base software conducts real-time analysis of video and voice streams as well as the performance of a data network.



The Triple Play Analyzer Application (J6900A-001) is the base software for the JDSU Triple Play Analyzer (TPA). The modular application features real-time analysis of video and voice streams as well as the performance of a data network. The solution breaks down the traffic stream and simplifies triple play analysis and troubleshooting — all from a central location.

TPA now integrates with PacketPortal from JDSU, which feeds voice, video and signaling packets to the TPA application for analysis. TPA can also connect to local or remote Distributed Network Analyzers and/or to the local NDIS interface of a PC/laptop and support 500+ protocol decodes to facilitate root cause identification and impairment detection. The combined solution offers pervasive on-demand reach and visibility with the ability to see actual problems the subscriber is experiencing — reducing troubleshooting time from days to minutes.


  • Reduce OPEX by avoiding unnecessary dispatches and reducing MTTR from days to minutes
  • Greatly improve visibility at the edge by deploying SFProbes throughout the network where visibility is required
  • Enable higher ARPU and Revenue by eliminating premises visits and solving problems faster from a centralized location
  • Centrally view and diagnose subscriber problems – see actual customer video content, network errors, and packet issues that affect QoE/QoS
  • Affordable access on a massive scale  with powerful real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Across almost any network, anywhere – with pervasive on-demand monitoring capability.


  • Provide service visibility closer to the customer than ever before
  • Reduce MTTR from days to minutes
  • Eliminate unnecessary technician field dispatches
  • Affordable access on a massive scale when deployed with PacketPortal
  • Supports most major interfaces and over 500 unique protocols and decodes

Key Features

  • Analyze stream quality QoE using Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for VoIP and MPEG Video
  • Troubleshoot from the customer view with real-time playback of live IPTV multi¬cast traffic and/or VoD streams with audio
  • Resolve MPEG-2 transport stream issues with comprehensive set of ETSI TR 101 290 metrics


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