SmartClass ADSL

SmartClass_ADSLHandheld ADSL1/2/2+ services installation and maintenance point solution for field engineers.




Easiest to Use Tool for ADSL2+ Sync and Ping

ADSL1/2/2+ services installation and maintenance tool for field engineers.

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  • Ease of use – synch results with two button clicks and no configuration
  • Thoroughly qualifies ADSL 1/2/2+ access service including attenuation, noise margin, and bits per tone
  • Provides actual bit rate and maximum bit rate statistics
  • Supports RE-ADSL
  • Data layer test options including PPPoE, PPPoA, and IPoA
  • Test modes include terminate and through
  • Large screen display of key results and graphical results
  • Through-mode functionality to support full modem replacement testing
  • DVOM for copper line verification (after second release)


  • Installation and maintenance of ADSL1/2/2+ service
  • Copper pair verification for ADSL service (after second release)
  • Through-mode test for ATU-R replacement
  • Service testing to eliminate customer PC as failure point

Key Features

  • LED lights for quick verification
  • Field replaceable AA batteries – supports rechargeable NiMH and commercially available alkaline batteries
  • Rugged design for field usage
  • Full telephone keypad for easy data entry
  • USB port for result access and configuration


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