PathTrak WebView Server

PathTrak_WebViewerAllows remote access to the live spectrum analyzer; provides performance history reports, and automates the node certification process allowing operators to prioritize their workforce more efficiently.


WebView Software

JDSU understands that while increased workforce efficiency is vital to deploying DOCSIS 3.0 services faster, maintaining network security is of equal importance. PathTrak WebView software addresses these challenges by allowing remote access to the most-used troubleshooting tools—the QAMTrak and live spectrum analyzers—and to beneficial performance history reports via the Internet. By accessing live QAM and spectrum views and generating reports from outside the corporate LAN, operators can remotely troubleshoot upstream issues.  Using the remote node broadcast feature added in WebView 2.2, technicians can add, remove, and view nodes in broadcast from the field without needing assistance from the headend or hubsite.

One of WebView software’s most unique advantages is the ability to automate the node certification process, replacing the manual process that currently consumes valuable resources, manpower, and time. With customers’ demand for rapid deployment of DOCSIS 3.0 services, fast, accurate node certification becomes even more critical. WebView calculates and ranks the RF upstream performance of the nodes, and it provides a quantitative ranking from worst to best of each node’s performance over a user-specified timeframe. This takes the guesswork out of node certification and eliminates manual searches through other monitoring systems and trouble ticket data. And, it allows operators to prioritize their workforce more efficiently once the software isolates nodes that need attention.


  • Decreased time spent analyzing and troubleshooting trending data, enabling efficient prioritization of plant maintenance.
  • Automated daily reports, such as node certification reports, display top offender nodes, enabling prioritization of field maintenance.
  • Open MySQL database permits remote access to measurement data by reporting and analysis tools for the creation of node certification and performance history reports.
  • Remote access to PathTrak performance history data and live QAMTrak and spectrum views.
  • Unlimited users vs. maximum of 30 simultaneous PathTrak clients.
  • Node search by name.


  • Rank node RF upstream performance based on quantitative test data gathered by PathTrak.
  • Drill down to review live and historical details on a node-by-node basis.
  • Access the live return QAMTrak and spectrum analyzer data from virtually any PC via Internet Explorer to reduce MTTU (mean time to understand) and MTTR (mean time to repair).
  • Remotely manage nodes in broadcast for FieldView capability on DSAM meters.
  • Give individual remote users full control of measurement parameters such as dwell time, resolution bandwidth, and video bandwidth.
  • Compare past RF network performance to other element management error reports.

Key Features

  • Reduced troubleshooting and fault location times.
  • Web-based access via Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
  • Password protected entry from Internet Explorer browser.
  • Customer choice to place behind the firewall.
  • VPN for secure viewing of WebView data.
  • Web-based remote QAM and spectrum analysis.
  • Economical, scalable system.
  • Customized and flexible creation of historical data reports.


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