Fiber Inspection Upgrade Kit for T-BERD™/MTS Platforms

FBP-MTS_KitFBP Video Probe Microscope & USB 1.1 Analog-to-Digital Converter




The JDSU FBP-MTS-001 fiber inspection kit provides a high-performance video probe microscope system configured for use with JDSU test platforms, such as the T-BERD 6000, T-BERD 8000, FST-2808, and FST-2512, among others. It features the FBP-P505 probe microscope, an industry-leading scope that provides performance and value in a portable, durable form factor. Its multi-purpose capability and versatility make it the ideal solution for technicians in the field and suitable for manufacturing and laboratory environments.


  • Easily view clear detailed fiber end face images on test device screen or PC/laptop via a USB connection
  • Use with JDSU probe microscope to inspect both bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) sides of fiber interconnect
  • Promote proper fiber handling workflow and practice


Key Features

  • Dual-magnification (200/400X) probe microscope with integrated QuickCapture™ button for instant capture of fiber end face image
  • Use with JDSU test platforms or with a PC or laptop via USB digital converter
  • Compact design for efficiency and portability with easy one-hand operation
  • Compatible with over 250 precision tips and adapters capable of inspecting every connector and application
  • Includes seven precision stainless-steel inspection tips for inspecting SC, SC-APC, FC, LC bulkheads, and universal 2.5 mm, 2.5 mm APC, and 1.25 mm patch cords
  • Conveniently packaged in a soft-sided carrying case
  • Use FiberChek™ software with a PC/laptop for one-button capture and analysis of fiber end faces


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