Drive Test E6474A Wireless Network Optimization Software

e6474JDSU’s Drive Test platform is the industry’s most customizable and scalable solution for the optimization of wireless networks.




JDSU’s Drive Test platform includes a receiver with up to eight frequency bands—more than any in the industry—and software that can simultaneously measure and troubleshoot network RF coverage and service delivery across all existing 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, including WiMAX™, LTE and VoIP. The solution reflects JDSU’s general strategy of protecting customer investments by building hardware that can quickly incorporate new technologies with software upgrades. Multi-technology drive test measurements are critical because diverse networks do not operate in isolation.

  • Auto-detect and auto configuration of receivers and 3G/LTE devices
  • Flexible and customizable user interface
  • Powerful event and open post processing architecture
  • Indoor measurement options and accessories


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