Drive Test E6474A Handheld Network Monitor

E6474A-850With easy configuration and full integration with the JDSU E6474A drive-test platform, you have a complete test collection and analysis solution.



Often you need something that is a little more portable to collect your network data. JDSU’s Handheld Network Monitor Application is ideal for testing in those difficult to access areas.

  • Supports both Android and Symbian devices
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII support
  • Test services the way subscribers use them with JDSUs new test sequencer
  • Anyone can utilize the AutoStart and TestMeNow modes
  • Fast cell site testing with UARFCN forcing
  • Collect a wide range of network information from areas usually difficult to reach using typical drive-test tools
  • Discretely collect and share data from network hot spots while using the handheld as a phone
  • Capture location from the device’s built-in GPS, or external Bluetooth® GPS
  • Automate service validation, voice, FTP upload/download and HTTP browsing with TestMeNow
  • Manually configure SMS, MMS or E-mail and then observe related network measurements
  • Automatically send data via FTP to a central location for detailed analysis
  • Use the phone as a test mobile with the full E6474A drive-test application


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