Transport Module for T-BERD®/MTS-8000 Platforms

tb8000Combines traditional SONET/SDH and Ethernet/IP features in a single module including advanced Layer 4 and above application-centric testing, IPTV, and Fibre Channel to 10 Gbps.


T-BERD/MTS-8000 Transport Module Datasheet(PDF, .88MB)

Transport testing for the T-BERD/MTS-8000 Platforms

The Transport module for the T-BERD/MTS-8000 Platforms enables service providers to rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively deploy Transmission services in one convenient package. An important complement to the existing T-BERD/MTS-8000 platforms product line, the module supports T1-10 G SDH/SONET, 10/100/Gig Ethernet, 10Gig Ethernet LAN/WAN PHY, IP, Fibre Channel and OTN testing in the industry’s most innovative test module.


  • Truly field tailored, the only integrated Ethernet, SDH/SONET, IP, Fibre Channel, OTN and PDH test solution available to the market, weighing under 7 kgs.
  • Battery operation up to 2 hours at 10 Gbps rates.
  • Practically unlimited field modularity: you can match any requirement for test function, size, weight, or price.
  • Reduce test times by up to 66% by testing up to 3 circuits simultaneously and independently.
  • Customer exchangeable connector types (FC, SC, LC, ST and DIN), eliminating the need for crossover cables.
  • Dual port design allows users to maximize port density by purchasing multiple SDH/SONET and GigE interfaces (2.7G – 155 Mbps optical).
  • Built-in optical connection check functions with a high accuracy power meter/source, VFL, ORL and video microscope options available ensure that today’s most common optical problems are solved.
  • Backwards compatible with existing MTS-5000 optical modules already in the field.
  • Coupled with the NewGen module, verify Generic Frame Procedure (GFP), Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), Link Capability adaptation scheme (LCAS) and Ethernet technologies.
  • Combined with the T-BERD/MTS-8000’s optical layer test modules, test the physical, photonic, transmission, and data layers all in one portable package.


  • Verify end to end network connectivity, throughput, and quality of service for all technologies.
  • Measure network and circuit performance with an array of Error and Alarm insertion and analysis capability.
  • Perform SLA and circuit acceptance routines via a variety of industry test standards.
  • Test Quality of Service metrics by verifying results such as Jitter, Delay, Service Disruption, Lost and Out of Sequence frames.
  • Verify network element characteristics with signal level and frequency measurements for all interfaces.
  • Ensure network synchronization with the modules selectable timing references.
  • Remotely operate the instrument with its web based Remote operation capability.
  • Enable Productivity enhancements via the easy-to-use graphical interface and saved setup capability.

Key Features

  • Ethernet
    – 10GigE LAN/WAN and 1 GigE optical interfaces
    – 10/100/1000 Mb/s electrical Ethernet interfaces 1550 nm, 1310 nm and 850 nm wavelength capable
    – Single and Dual Port configurations for 1GigE, 100M, and 10M Ethernet interfaces
    – Test End to end data connectivity and loopback testing RFC 2544 Conformance Testing; Quality of Service measurements
    – Verify the integrity of triple play services such as Video and VoIP by qualifying QoS metrics such as Packet Jitter and Round Trip Delay.
    – Test IP Traffic, including Connectivity, Throughput and Qos Measurements
    – Transmit and Receive Encapsulated traffic using MPLS/VPLS/VLAN and Q in Q technologies
    – Support the simultaneous analysis of up to 8 Ethernet/IP streams for Class of Service testing
    – Graphical Display Results such as Delay, Throughput, and Jitter versus Time
    – SDH/SONET testing at 51 Mbps, 155 Mbps, 622 Mbps, 2.5 Gbps, and 10 Gbps
    – T-carrier testing at T1, E1, E3, DS3 and E4 rates
    – Support Single and Dual Port configurations for 2.7G to 155M optical technologies
    – Muxed payload and concatenated payload generation and analysis from 10 Gb/s to 1.5/2 Mbps
    – 1550 nm and 1310 nm wavelength support for all optical interfaces
    – SDH/SONET overhead byte manipulation and viewing for High and Low Paths
    – Round Trip Delay measurements to test latency
    – Service Disruption measurements to verify protection switching facilities
    – Performance measures including T1.510, T1.514, G.821, G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2100, and M.2101 for circuit acceptance
    – Dual-Direction T1, E1, DS3 and STS-1 receivers reduces test times by 50%
  • Fibre Channel
    – Supports Fibre channel (1G/2G) optical interfaces for 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm Tx/Rx
    – Single and Dual Port capable
    – Support Layers 1 and Layer 2 BER testing through the use of industry specified test patterns (example: High Frequency Pattern (HFPAT), Low Frequency Pattern (LFPAT))
    – Transmit and Receive Fibre Channel Frames up to 100% of line rate to test connectivity
    – Verify QoS measurements and errors such as Delay (us), Symbol Errors, CRC Errored Frames, Fibre Runts, Fibre Jabbers, Undersized Frames and Lost Frames
  • OTN
    – Support OTU2 (10.7G, 11.05G, 11.1G) and OTU1 (2.7G) technologies
    – 1550 nm and 1310 nm Tx/Rx for all interfaces
    – Simultaneously and independently test 10.7G or 11.1G and 2.7G OTN interfaces
    – Analyze and generate OTU, ODU and OPU overhead, errors and alarms
    – Support correctable and uncorrectable FEC error analysis and generation
    – Transmit, Receive and Analyze TCM 1-6 overhead fields
    – For 10.7G/2.7G technologies support SDH/SONET framing with a PRBS client for BER testing
    – For 11.05 and 11.1G OTN technologies, support a PRBS client for BER testing
  • Optical (with the User Interface Module)
    – Insertion Loss Testing with the Optical Power Meter and Source
    – Fiber Optic cable verification with the Visual Fault Locator
    – Fiber Optic connector verification with the Fiber Optic Microscope


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