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OTU-8000 Optical Test Unit

OTU-8000Rack-based unit for the Remote Fiber Test system that combines OTDR and optical switch technology to allow a single OTU-8000 to test hundreds of fiber links within a 40,000 km2 area.


Rack-based optical test unit for RFTS (Remote Fiber Test System)

The OTU-8000 Optical Test Unit lies at the core of the JDSU optical network management system (ONMSi). Combining optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) and optical switch technology, a single OTU-8000 unit can automatically test hundreds of fiber links within a 40,000 km2 area on different types of networks (Core, Metro, Access, FTTH). When a fiber fault occurs, ONMS reports the location relative to the nearest landmark.


  • Reduce fiber optic fault location times from hours to minutes
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating erroneous dispatches
  • Anticipate service disruptions by detecting fiber deg¬radation before it affects service
  • Protects the network investment by monitoring the long term performance of installed fibers


  • Perform a wide range of applications from FTTx to ultra-long-haul network network monitoring
  • Conduct PON tests from the CO

Key Features

  • Web browser access
  • Advanced fault location
  • Notification by e-mail or SMS
  • Small size (2 UI)
  • Dual power feeds
  • No hard disk
  • Low power consumption
  • LAN-based firmware downloads
  • Supports an additional test module for further extension
  • Compatible with ONMSi
  • Compatible with MTS OTDR family offering up to 50 dB dynamic range

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