ONT Ethernet

ONT-50_EthernetAddresses the need for evaluating fully interworking New Generation SONET/SDH with Ethernet services at electrical and optical interfaces.



The Ethernet modules address the need for evaluating New Generation SONET/SDH (NewSONET/NewSDH) network elements and NextGeneration networks with Ethernet services at electrical and optical interfaces. Together with the ONT NewGen EoS module, JDSU provides full mappig and demapping testing of detailed parameters for Ethernet to SONET/SDH and vice versa in one single box, providing the interworking solution.


  • Together with the ONT NewGen EoS module, it is the world’s first interworking solution in one unit.
  • Ethernet modules are equipped with 4 ports and work independently. li>
  • Modules testing at electrical, optical or simultaneously both interfaces.
  • Combines with advanced technologies, including NewSONET/NewSDH, OTN, jitter/wander and DWDM.


  • Testing of Ethernet interface parameters.
  • Verification of Link and MAC behavior.
  • Measurement of Ethernet performance, including utilization, throughput, connectivity, and latency.
  • Together with NewGen EoS module facilitates testing of mapping and demapping of Ethernet in SDH or SONET networks.

Key Features

  • 10/1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-LX/SX.
  • Different modules include 4x twisted pair, 4x optical, or mixed 2x twisted pair / 2 optical.
  • Auto-negotiation and flow control.
  • Generation and analysis of MAC frames.
  • Link and MAC errors and statistics.
  • Generation of different traffic profiles.
  • Ethernet BERT.
  • For ONT-503, ONT-506, and ONT-512 mainframes.


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