ONT 40/43G

ONT_4xGTesting and verification for physical and transport layer, jitter and wander at bit rates of 40/43G with unframed signal and framed signals for SDH/SONET/OTN.



40/43G with jitter/wander

The JDSU ONT-40/43 G solution lets users develop and deploy high-speed 40/43 G optical transport equipment and networks to the latest ITU-T standard. It lets users evaluate the physical layer, including jitter and wander, with unframed and framed signals for SDH/SONET and OTN. It is fully compliant to ITU-T O.172 appendixes VII and VIII and is the most trusted tool for measuring jitter and wander at 40/43 G.


  • Industry-first one-box 40/43 G jitter/wander solution with the widest input optical power range of –9 to +3 dBm for accurate jitter measurement, even in production environments that require large power margins
  • Tx eye-diagram trigger-out on the digital module and Rx eye-diagram trigger-out on the jitter module eliminate the need for a clock-recovery module to perform eye-diagram measurements
  • Future-proof with ODU0 and ODUflex support
  • Easy-to-use design with deep, rich features ensure the quickest and most thorough tests with minimal test equipment
  • Trusted jitter and wander measurement results with full compliance to ITU-T O.172/O.173 including appendixes VII and VIII of O.172


  • Design and verification of network equipment
  • Evaluate network performance
  • Troubleshoot network issues
  • Evaluate 40/43 G transponder BER and jitter performance
  • Conduct production testing with automation control

Key Features

  • 40/43 G optical and electrical interfaces in a single instrument with fully structured or unframed test patterns
  • ODU0/ODUflex support with multistage multiplexing from ODU0 up to OTU3 for full OTN testing with client frequency that is adjustable at each stage
  • OTU3e1 with bulk client
  • Service-disruption time measurement with parallel SDH and OTN triggers
  • Transparent and intrusive through mode for OTU3 and STM-256/OC-768
  • Full overhead access with dynamic alarm and error generation to verify operation of the DUT to the latest SDH and OTN standards
  • Jitter/wander generation and analysis for 40/43 G


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