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OFS-200 Fiber Cable Software

OFS-200Post-processing PC software for optical cable acceptance test report generation.


Cable reel acceptance tests, cable installation acceptance tests and final acceptance tests have to be performed before service turn-up to detect damages or issues that might affect future network performance. OFS-200 Fiber Cable is a post-processing software enabling to easily generate optical cable acceptance test reports on high fiber count cables using Loss (IL), Return Loss (ORL), OTDR, Dispersion (CD & PMD) and Attenuation Profile (AP) test results.


  • Compiles into a single document bi-directional OTDR, IL, ORL, CD, PMD and AP test results
  • Automates processing operations of all your test data on an unlimited number of fibers
  • Enable error free optical cable acceptance test report generation
  • Include OFS-100 FiberTrace for fiber off-line analysis and report generation


  • Post-processing PC software solution for fiber cable project management designed for fiber optic installers, network operators and service providers


Key Features

  • All-in-one post-processing software for JDSU T-BERD/MTS platforms optical test results. Compatible with JDSU IL, ORL, CD, PMD and AP test results and with any Bellcore .sor OTDR file format
  • Individual or combined OTDR, IL, ORL, CD, PMD, and AP reports
  • Advanced OTDR function management with bi-directional OTDR traces alignment and analysis, loop back and mid-point measurement capability
  • Step-by-step report generation with “Report preview” function offering an ultimate checkpoint before generating the final document


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